An Opening Invitation

Welcome to my forum for discussions of faith and the arts. I am an artist (watercolorist, musician, writer) and a theologian (Christian), and I am interested in the relevance of each of these “fields” for each other, and for the expression and exploration of the Christian faith as expressed in its classical and biblical sources.  In coming days I plan to post a variety of articles on the far-reaching and wide-ranging implications of this subject. I hope you will let me know if any of these thoughts are helpful to you, or if you have suggestions for how to explore a topic with better insight. I welcome your comments and responses. For now I must get used to working in WordPress. See you soon, I hope!

The art work included in this post is titled, “Past and Present.” The subject is a group of Iris blossoms that grow in the cemetery at Glen Cove, Texas, where many members of my family are buried. For more information on this and other of my art works see my galleries at Fine Art America.


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