This page presents a selection from “Songs Along the Way,” songs and music that Craig and Deborah have written, performed, and recorded over the years.

1. The Music of the Stones. This first selection is a piece that has been on the Web for several years, but only in part, and as part of a video featuring Craig’s art work. So now here is the rest of the song.  

Song background: When Craig was still teaching at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, he would take time away from the usual routines of academia–designing courses, giving lectures, and grading papers and tests–to go for a long walk or a jog along one of the area trails. During some of these retreats he began picking up rocks and stones he found along the path. And then he began to make watercolor paintings of the stones. Over time the poetry for this song lyric began to form in his mind, and then almost overnight the music joined the process. It is a personal anthem about the need for meditative (right brained) time to balance the adminstrative (left brained) activity in which so much of modern work and life consists.


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